Nightfall – The Nebula Award Winning Short Story

Nightfall eBook Asimov

by Isaac Asimov is a Nebula Award Winning short story written in 1965. The Isaac Asimov “Nightfall” ebook is now available for the next generation of book readers and Science Fiction enthusiasts.

Nightfall takes place on the planet of Lagash, which is in a solar system with six suns that keep the planet in perpetual light.  The inhabitants have never experienced nightfall and many believe that darkness would bring destruction and apocalypse.

The main character Beenay is a scientist in Lagash and his laboratory has begun to discover astronomical anomalies that may lead to a solar eclipse and the brief introduction of night. The scientists are uncertain at what types of implications the impending Nightfall brings. Will the planet of Lagash be able to embrace the idea of night or will it all catastrophically fall apart?

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